The Kimberley Society


Closure of the Society

At the Annual General Meeting in April,2019,  a decision was made to wind up the Society at the end of the year. This decision was reluctantly taken after it became evident that a Council could not be formed that was willing to run the Society's activities in 2020. The last General Meeting of the Society was held on Wednesday December 4, 2019. Subsequent to that meeting, all the Society's assets were donated to various not for profit organisations most of which are located in the Kimberley. After meeting all outstanding liabilities, the remaining cash held by the Society, approximately $5000, was donated to the Kimberley Foundation Australia. 

The information below is now obselete



The Kimberley Society is a non-profit organisation formed in 1992 to encourage research on, and dissemination of information about, this remote region. It is managed by an elected Council and its objects are:


  • To encourage studies, particularly collaborative projects, which will enhance knowledge and understanding of the Kimberley's history, peoples, cultures, resources, natural history, heritage, and environment;
  • To encourage personal, organisational, corporate and government actions that will help to preserve the Kimberley environment, and its rich Aboriginal and European heritage;
  • To promote the dissemination of information about the Kimberley;
  • To co-operate with other Associations and any other bodies or persons having similar aims;
  • To produce such publications as may be determined by the Council from time to time; and
  • To inform and make recommendations to other parties, including organisations, corporations and government, on matters relating to the Kimberley.


The Kimberley Society aims to make information on all aspects of the Kimberley available to a wide range of people through publications and meetings. A newsletter entitled the Boab Bulletin is published every second month, carrying notification of forthcoming talks, seminars, expeditions and excursions, summaries of recent talks and activities, and a wide range of general information. Occasional publications include two produced following the Society's coastal excursion in May 1996 on the MV Sea Lion.

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