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Funding Grants for Research Projects

The Kimberley Society is a not-for-profit organistaion consisting of public membership and is administered by an elected Council. Since its formtion in 1992 the Society has successfully pursued its commitment to enhance knowledge and understanding of aspects of history, peoples, cultures, resources, natural history, heritage and environment of the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It disseminates this information through regular talks, seminars and publications.

Largely through the success of its publications the Society has accrued funds which it wishes to utilise to further pursue the Socety's objectives. To this end grants of up to $5000 are available to post graduate students at Australian universities to assist research projects which meet the Society's objectives.. Awards of grants are at the discretion of the Kimberley Society Council.

In the first instance, applicants are invited to contact the Society by mail or emai with personal details, including name of university and degree for which the research is required.

The applicant should also provide:


  1. A brief outline of the research project, including commencement date and expected completion date.
  2. Purpose for which funds are being sought from the Kimberley Society, e.g. travel, accommodation, subsistance, etc.
  3. An itemised budget of how the money would be spent.
  4. Name and address of thesis supervisor who may be contacted for a reference.
  5. Estimated date at which a report would be available to the Society 


A condition of receipt of a grant would be for the Kimberley Society support to be acknowledged in any report or publication. The Society may seek the student to give a presentation of the research at a meeting of the Kimberley Society.

Applications for research grants should be directed to:

The Chairrperson

Kimberley Society

P O Box 8471

Perth Business Centre

Perth WA 6849

or by email to 

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