The Kimberley Society


Kimberley Society Coastal Excursion 1996 (Kevin Coate, December)
Orchid Hunting in the Kimberley (Pat Dundas, November)
The Mystery Surrounding the Aftermath of the Bombing of MV Koolama in February 1942 off the Kimberley Coast (Bill Loane, October)
Windjana Gorge: Geology, History and Anthropology (Phil Playford, September)
Slips of the Pen in Kimberley History (Cathie Clement, August)
Frank Hann's Exploration in the Kimberley 1896 - 98 (Mike Donaldson and Ian Elliot, July)
Historical Flooding of the Fitzroy River (Jerome Goh, June)
An Anthropologist's Perspective of the Kimberley (Peter Bindon, May)
Rivers of the Kimberley: Their Discovery and Naming (Kim Epton, April)
Liveringa's Heritage: A Window on to the Past (Jim and Norma Anderson, April) Talk held at Derby  
Fossil Vertebrate Treasures from the Kimberley (John Long, March)
Kimberley Cameos: Broome, Birds and Aboriginal Art (Thomas Dampier Chapple, Michael Morcombe and Pat Vinnicombe, February)


Carnivorous Plants (Kevin Kenneally, December)
Kimberley Birds (Ron Johnstone, November)
Jack Bohemia and the Banjo Affair (Bill McGregor, November) Talk held at Derby
Early Exploration on the Kimberley Coast (Ian Elliot, October)
Lt. George Grey's 1838 Expedition Revisited (Hamish McGlashan and Peter Knight, September)
Ecotourism and Botany in the Kimberley (Kevin Kenneally, August)
Kimberley Collection of the WA Museum (Ross Chadwick, July)
World War II and the Kimberley (Lindsay Peet, June)
Broome's Early Days (Cathie Clement, June) Talk held at Broome
Geological Development of the Kimberley Landscape (Tim Griffin, May)
Kayu Jawa: The Kimberley of the Indonesians (Ian Crawford, April)
Exploring the Kimberley Coast (Kevin Coate, March)
The Rush of '86 (Cathie Clement, February)
Kimberley Cameos: River Walks and Natural History (Mike Donaldson, Kevin Coate and Kevin Kenneally, January)


The History of Derby and the West Kimberley (Cathie Clement, November) Talk held at Derby
20 Years in the Kimberley: The WA Maritime Museum 1974 - 1994 (Mike McCarthy, November)
A Personal Perspective on National Parks in the Kimberley (Noel Nannup, September)
Diamonds in the Kimberley (Andrew Murray, July)
Professor Geoff Bolton: "Forty Years On..." (Geoff Bolton, May)
Ecotourism (Pat Barblett, February)

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