The Kimberley Society



Lonely Graves in the Kimberley (Yvonne Coate, December) 

The Royal Flying Doctor Service in the Kimberley (Peter Howe, November) 

The Natural Connections of Reptiles and Mammals of the Kimberley with Adjacent Islands of Indonesia (Ric How, October) 

Weed Surveys in the Kimberley (Greg Keighery, September) 

A Walking Expedition in the Kimberley (Peter Knight, August)
Aboriginal Languages of the Kimberley (Barbara Jones, July)
The Early 1960's Era in the Kimberley (Kevin Coate, June)
The Rush of 1886  (Cathie Clement, May) Talk held at Halls Creek
Perspectives on Past Kimberley Climates (Karl-Heinz Wyrwoll, May)
Kimberley on Canvas (Belinda Carrigan, April)
Lead/Zinc Deposits in the Kimberley (Stuart Hall, March)
Mitchell Plateau: Past Present and Future (Pat Vinnicombe, Joe Smith, Ron Johnstone, Kevin Kenneally, and Richard Hammond, February)


CALM in the Kimberley (Kevin Kenneally, December)
Resource Developments in the Kimberley (Bill Preston, November)
Kimberley Wattles: Their Names and Uses (Bruce Maslin, October)
The Ord River Scheme (Bob Humphries, September)
Dawdling Down the Drysdale (Mike Donaldson, August)
The Kings Park Expedition to the Kimberley (Steve Hopper, July)
 Liveringa Station (Jim Anderson, June) Talk held at Derby
Aboriginal Dance Totems (Pat Vinnicombe, June)
Re-Visiting Phyllis Kaberry's Kimberley Ethnography (Sandy Toussaint, May)
Camden Harbour: Some Different Perspectives (Ian Crawford, April)
Derby Tidal Power Station (Peter Wood and Ian McCardle, March)
Early Pastoral Leases in the Kimberley (Cathie Clement, February)


Fruits of the Forest: Kimberley Rainforest Plants, Fruits and Birds (Kevin Kenneally and Ron Johnstone, December)
Aboriginal Fish Traps in the Kimberley (Moya Smith, November)
Turtles and Dugongs (Bob Prince, October)
The Pearling Industry in the Kimberley (Dee Taylor, September)
The Road to Argyle: A History of Diamond Exploration in WA (Ewen Tyler, August)
Botany of the Ningbing Range (Greg Keighery, July)
Built Environment Heritage in the Kimberley (Maurice Owen and Cathie Clement, June)
The Bountiful Kimberley: Offshore Crustacea (Di Jones, May)
Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater (Alex Bevan, April)
Kimberley Rock Art (Grahame Walsh, March)
WIK and Native Title (Hon. Paul Seaman, February)

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