The Kimberley Society


Mimbi Caves: Geology and Geomorphology (Phillip Playford, December)
Aspects of Kimberley Anthropology (Pat Vinnicombe, November)
Native Title in the Kimberley: From a Mining Perspective (Bruce Larson, October)
Historical Kimberley Films (Gerard Foley, September)
Dries, Wets and Tropical Cyclones: Weather Patterns in the Kimberley (Glen Cook, August)
From Forrest to Shaw: A Century of Kimberley Books (Cathie Clement, July)
The Kimberley Volcano (Mike Donaldson, June)
Kimberley Tides (Chari Pattiaratchi, May)
Oil and Gas Exploration, Production and Potential in the Kimberley (Greg Carlsen, April)
Geomorphology of the Ord River (Peter Sandercock and Lisa Cluett, March)
Writing about Kimberley People (Christine Choo and Mary Anne Jebb, February)


Pythons in Kimberley Vine Thickets (David Pearson, December)
Orchids of the Kimberley (Kingsley Dixon, November)
Native Title and Land Access Implications in the Kimberley (Steve White, October)
20 Years of Plant Collecting in the Kimberley (Kevin Kenneally and Daphne Edinger, September)
The Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (Kevin Shaw and Amanda Cattermole, August)
Tales of Old Fitzroy Crossing (Cathie Clement, July)
The Art of Paediatrics in the Kimberley (Jack Vercoe, June)
Ord River Stage 2 Development: Water Allocation Planning (Leon English, May)
The Future of the Kimberley (Ernie Bridge, April)
Unveiling Tropical Australia (Leslie Marchant, March)
Aspects of Kimberley Tourism (February)


Visual Delights (Pat Dundas, Michael Morcombe and Joel Smoker, December)
Pirates, Pathogens and Potable Water (Tim Inglis, November)
Fire Management of Conservation Reserves in the Kimberley (Chris Done, October)
Bovine TB Eradication in the Kimberley (John Creeper, September)
Tropical Tree Farming (Andrew Radomiljac, August)
Kimberley Architecture: A Personal View (Finn Pederson, July)
New Zealand Prospectors and the Kimberley Gold Rush (Cathie Clement, June)
Mapping Benthic Fauna of Intertidal Kimberley Mudflats (Grant Pearson, May)
Geological Survey Activities in the Kimberley (Rick Rogerson, April)
Outback Kid: Growing up with Missionary Parents in the Kimberley (Joel Smoker, March)
Contemporary Indigenous Art (Brenda L Croft, February)

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