The Kimberley Society



The Last Years of Moola Bulla 1949-1955 (Geoffrey Bolton, December)
Aspects of Shorebird Migration in the Kimberley (Grant Pearson, November)
WA Museum Kimberley Collections and Activities (Dawn Casey, October)
Stone Structures of the West Kimberley (Sue O'Connor, September)
The Sheep and Cattle Stations of the Kimberley in 1916 (Cathie Clement, August)
Bending the Rules: Finding, Recording and Saving the Built Heritage of the Kimberley (Rosemary Rosario, July)
Baptism of Fire: A Kimberley Bushwalk (Victoria Jackson, June)
It's not the Money It's the Land (Bill Bunbury, May)
Kimberley Crustaceans (Diana Jones, April)
The Discovery of the East Kimberley Goldfield 1885 (Phillip Playford, March)
Quest for the Honey-Pot Mountains (Marion Blackwell, February)


Rivers, Ravines, Rock Art and Waterfalls: Adventurous Walks in the Northern Kimberley (Roger Passmore, Victoria Jackson and Jeff Gresham, December)
Reassessing the Missions: Balgo's History and Contribution (Mark Nevill, November)
Energy Sources of the Mudflats of Roebuck Bay and the Eighty Mile Beach (Andrew Storey, October)
Ceremony in Kimberley Rock Art (David M Welch, September)
William Dampier in New Holland 1688 and 1689 (Alex George, August)
Modern Policing in the Kimberley (Commander Murray Lampard APM, July)
Recent Federal Native Title Decisions in the Kimberley (Gary Simmons, June)
Kinganna and Other Kimberley Coastal Settlements 1920-1944 (Ian Crawford, May)
Platinum in the Kimberley: Geology, Prospects and Potential Mines (John Bunting and John Lewis, April)

Mertens Water Monitor (Philip Mayes, March)

Sisters, Pearls and Mission Girls (Produced and Directed by David Batty)



Under a Regent Moon: Joseph Bradshaw and Aeneas Gunn on the Prince Regent River (Tim Willing and Kevin Kenneally, December)
Leprosy in the North of the State: An Historical Perspective (Randolph Spargo, November)
WA's Pearl Harbour: The Submerged Aircraft Wrecks of Broome (Mike McCarthy, October)
Saving the Wildlife of the Central Kimberley: The Private Sector Role (Martin Copley, September)
A Personal View of Remote Policing in Northern WA (Martin Cope, August)
The Brockman Expedition 1901 (Mike Donaldson, July)
Coast Watch in 1980s (John Rogers, June)
Lighthouse Heritage in Northern WA (Phil Griffiths, May)
Moola Bulla (Cathie Clement, Sandy Toussaint, David Thom, Ian Crawford, April)
Expedition to a Forgotten World (Ric How, March)
Ants of the Kimberley Rainforests and Other Ecosystems (Jonathan Majer, February)

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