The Kimberley Society



Frank Rodriguez - West Kimberley Identity  (Cindy Solonec, Frank Rodriguez, December)
Kimberley Art - Assertion and Response  (John Stanton, November) 
Joseph Bradshaw: Getting Lost in the Kimberley and the Art Named After Him (Michael Cusack, October)
Encounter: The Past and Future of Remote Kimberley (Sister Brigida Nailon, September)
Of Oceans, Atolls and Lagoons: A Marine Census (Clay Bryce, August)
The Clontarf Foundation (Ross Kelly, July)
Cane Toads (Sandy Boulter, June)
Kimberley Histories Told Through Boab Nut Carving (Mary Anne Jebb, May)
Aboriginal Art and Culture in the Kimberley and Adjoining Areas: A Historical Perspective (Phillip E Playford, April)
Cultural Differences and their Impact on Art in the Kimberley (Emily Rohr, March)
Writing, Publishing and Nature in the Kimberley (Pat Lowe, February)


Kimberley Foundation Australia: Helping to Understand the Kimberley Prehistory. (Mike Lisle-Williams and Jim Ross, December)
The Honourable Tom Stephens MLA: Kimberley Social Politics (Hon Tom Stephens MLA, November) 
Biological Surveys of the Kimberley Islands. (Norm McKenzie & Tony Start, October) 
Retracing the Footsteps of the Early West Kimberley Explorers (and their Rock Art Finds). (Hamish McGlashan, September)
The Good Old Days of the RFDS in the Kimberley (Richard Youngs, August)
Twenty Five Years of Change in the Kimberley (Max Clarke, July)
Ecological and Cultural Values of the Ord and Fitzroy Rivers: Links and Lessons (Andrew Storey, June)
Bauxite on the Mitchell Plateau (Ivor Roberts, May)
Time to Shine: Ellendale Diamonds (Miles Kennedy, April)
Marine Tourism Along the Kimberley Coast (John Collins, March)
Old Broome: Five Great Stories That Bring Broome's History to Life (Broome Historical Society, February)


A History of Guano Mining on the Lacepede Islands (Tim Willing, November)
Marine Plants of the Kimberley (John Huisman, October)
Birds of the Kimberley Islands and Their Relationship to the Birds of Christmas Island (Ron Johnstone, September)
Journey of a Master Pearler 1886 - 1942 (John E de B Norman & Verity Norman, August)
Oil and Gas Exploration and Development in the Offshore Kimberley Region (Bill Tinapple, July)
17th Century Visitors to the Kimberley Coast (Cathie Clement, June)
Keeping Kimberley Cane Toad Free (Winston Ray, May)
Kimberley from Space: Art in Science (Richard Langford, April)
The Saga of the Shady Lady (Lindsay Peet, March)
Cruising the Kimberley Coast (Kevin Coate, February)

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