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DPaW and joint management of lands in the Kimberley. (Daryl Moncrieff, December)

Best memory of medical school: The Kimberley. (Donna Mak, November)

Dampier Peninsula Monsoon Vine Thickets, Indigenous People's Traditional and Western Scientific Management of their cultually and ecologically significant lands. (Judy Fisher, October)

Understanding the Dingo. (Western Australian Dingo Association, Sepetember)

The Broome Race Riots of 1907, 1914 and 1920 (between Japanese and other Asians. (Christine Choo, August)

The Geological History of the Argyle Diamond Deposit. (Murray Rayner, July)

Kimberley Dental Team. (Jan Owen, June)

The First Swedish Scientific Expedition to Australia. (Kim Akerman-presented by Kevin Kenneally, May)

 Climate and vegatation change since the first people arrived in the Kimberley region. (Karl-Heinz Wyrwoll, April)

The Mowanjum Centeneary: 100 Years of a Wonderful People. (Dr Peter Graham AM, March) 

Bush Walking on the Manning Creek and Charnley River. (Roger Passmore and Peter Buck, February)



Exploration and Botany: The W R Easton 1921 Expedition. (Kevin Kenneally, December)

Kimberley Trilogy; stories from a novelist and historian (Barry Smith, November) Book Note

Recent archaeology research in the Kimberley (Peter Veth, October)

Aboriginal linguistics (Alan Dench, September)

32 Years of travelling the Canning Stock Route.  (Eric Gard, August)

Caves & Karsts in the Kimberley (Ross Anderson, July)

The Kimberley Coastline, Sculpted by Mega-Tsunami. (Phil Playford, June)

Kimberley Connections (Between Kevin and Howard Coate). (Kevin Coate, May)

Kununurra Farming Days-The way it was.  Denva Ball, April)

Kimberley-Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. (Barry Haase, March)

Bush Walking in Remote National Parks of the North Kimberley. (Jeff Gresham, Mike Donaldson & Hamish McGlashan, February)



Japanese Air Raids in World War II (Kevin Gomm, December) Book Note

Kimberley Aquatic Zoology (Clay Bryce, November)

Stone Tool Manufacture (Mark Moore, October)

Police Work, Fitzroy Crossing, 1967-1972 (Tom Carlson, September)

World-Class Wilderness-Exploring the Unknown Plant Diversity of the Kimberley Region. (Russell Barrett, August)

Kimberley Stories. (Sandy Toussaint, July) Book Note

Kimberley History: People, Exploration and Development (Book launch, June) (See "Publications" tab under "About the Society")

Book Review

Beyond Boom or Gloom-an economic alternative for the Kimberley.   (Rachel Siewert, May)

A Birds Eye View of WA in Colour-50 Years Past (Betty Foster, April)

Toad-ally Awesome! Busting Kimberley Style  (Lee Scott-Virtue, March)

River Tales: Bushwalking in the Kimberley, 2011. (Mike Donaldson, Andy Lemessurier and Jeff Gresham, February) 







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